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Official decree and order concerning solid heating fuels for the year 2022-2023.


In the current context, energy from wood biomass offers a range of economic and environmental advantages, and is attracting growing interest. We recognize its essential role in meeting future energy challenges. This renewable energy source is carbon-neutral, since burning wood releases only the CO2 previously absorbed by the growing trees. What's more, it is based on European forest resources, making it a potentially inexhaustible source of energy. As such, its future looks promising.

However, it's crucial to note that burning wood in unsuitable conditions can result in significant emissions of fine particles and significant air pollution. Several factors influence the level of particulate emissions, including the performance and age of heating systems, the size of the equipment, usage practices, and above all, the quality of the fuel.

Against this backdrop, the French Climate and Resilience Act introduced Article L.222-6-2 of the Environment Code, the provisions of which are as follows:

=> In force since September 1, 2022
A decree detailing the general information on appropriate storage and use conditions that distributors must provide when placing products on the market for non-professional users.

=> Applicable from September 1, 2023
An order establishing the technical criteria to be met by certain categories of solid heating fuels placed on the market. The main objective is to encourage users to favor the combustion of dry, high quality, appropriately sized wood, in order to improve energy efficiency and significantly reduce the impact on air quality.

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Here are some relevant tips for our customers:

Recommended choice of wood :

• Choose hardwoods such as oak, beech and hornbeam (softwoods such as birch and poplar are more suitable for lighting).
• Avoid wood that has been treated, painted or soiled.

The advantages of dry wood :

• It produces more heat, providing greater comfort.
• Less wood is needed for heating, resulting in savings.
• Ignition is easier and smoke-free.
• Your heating appliance and chimney flue clog up less quickly.
• Better combustion reduces the release of polluting particles into the atmosphere.

Optimise even further :

• Choose local wood for a closer provenance.
• This simplifies and strengthens the traceability of the wood, guaranteeing its controlled origin.


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